Monday, April 4, 2011

Fried Chicken Wings WIth Shrimp Paste

8 chicken wings
4 tbsp potato flour/corn flour.
Oil for deep frying

2tbsp shrimp paste
1 tbsp sugar
1 stalk corriander leaves ( chopped)
1 egg

Clean and pat dry the chicken wings.
Mix with marinade and season for at least 30 mins ( the longer time the better it taste, keep in fridge)
Add the flour into the chicken wings, mix well and seasoned for another 30 mins.
( I use potato flour).
Heat up oil for deep frying, put in chicken wings and deep fry untill golden brown and cooked.
Dish and serve with white rice.


Juliana said...

Oh! Never thought in using shrimp paste to marinate chicken...looks tasty. Have a great week :-)

Jeannie said...

Is the shrimp paste belacan? Looks delicious!

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Juliana, Thank you for visiting.

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Jeannie,
Thank you for visiting.
Ya,but the one I using was paste form not pieces or powder form.Didn't try the pieces or powder form.
It's so delicious!!

HomeKreation said...

Something new. WIll try one day. Thanks for sharing.

yummylittlecooks said...

You're welcome!