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Cincalok are so popular in Melaka. When you're in Melaka and have lunch or dinner in Baba & Nyonya restaurant , you can ask for cincalok omelette, cincalok chicken, or cincalok as a condiment together with chillies, shallots and calamansi lime juice.
Cincalok was made from geragao or krill, rice and salt. And let it ferment for about  3 days. But, my mom said,you can have it on the second day....hahaha.And also, my mom said, years back, when she did cincalok she didn't wash the geragao or all the dirts...yucks.Maybe years back the sea water were so clean, but not now.....:(

This is my first attempt to make cincalok, and really happy it turned out very nice, not too salty. My sister also said it's very nice, and now she's asking me to teach her....lols 

Here's how I made my Cincalok:

9 cups geragao or krill
3 cups cooled rice
2/3 cup salt
Rice wine
Cleaned bottle for storage.

Method :
Fry the salt in a wok or pan, until light brown. Set aside to completely cool.
Meanwhile, rinse the geragao/krill, and fish out all the dirts.
Place the clean geragao/krill in colander, and let the water drip off. 
Mix the cooled rice with the cooled salt. Set aside.
Place the geragao in a mixing bowl, mix in the mixed rice.Stir until well combine.At this stage , you can add food colouring (red)if you like, but not for me.
Take about 1 tbsp of rice wine, pour into the clean bottle and swirl around to kill germs( that's what my mom said...hehehe).
Scope some cincalok, and pour it into the bottle and sealed tightly with the cap, keep it in room temperature for 24 hours, then move it to refrigerators.
Why need to refrigerate?
*** No preservative
*** I use less salt, (store bought cincalok are so salty)
*** prevent flies for bugging into your house. You know what , my mom used to say this "tutup botol baik baik, jangan bagi lalat kentut, nanti ada ulat, tak boleh makan" what she meant is seal the cap properly, don't let the flies lay eggs on the cincalok, else you can get to see lots of worms...yucks and yes, my mom and me speak Malays, nyonya language...hahaha

Fry the salt until it becomes light brown.

Let the salt completely cooled off.
Rinse the geragao/krill and fish out the dirts.

There, you see, how not to rinse the geragao/krill??
The mixed rice ( rice with fried salt)
Cleaned geragao/krill.
Mix the mied rice with the geragao/krill and stir until well combine.


Ready to store it in a clean container. I used recycle container.A glass container with a plastic cap. You can see there's mayonaise bottle, to prevent the cap from rusty,I used cling wrap to wrap the mouth of the bottle, then sealed it with the cap.
Pour some rice wine and swirl around the inner bottle...pst.. you can use brandy if you want...This is my first attempt, I used rice wine, cheaper.

All done, and let it ferment for 24 hours, then keep them in fridge.

Fresh new cincalok.
After 24 hours...

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K.Nor said...

morning.. wahhh bagusnya u pandai buat cencaluk sendiri.. lebih terjamin kebersihannya kan.. satu famili k.nor suka dgn cencaluk.. boleh try resipi ni nanti kalau jumpa udang geragau fresh tu.. tp kat ganu ni payah sket.. kalau tak masin bagus kan.. sbb cencaluk biasanya masin yg amat.. selalunya k.nor kena perah buang air dia tu dan campur dgn air didih nasi baru best nak makan..

ermm.. yr mum cakap melayu ya.. mesti org baba nyonya kan... sori kalau silap :)

WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more said...

I didn't know cincalok is ready in 2 days. I thought it's for ages! Thanks for sharing

travellingfoodies said...

nice! any idea how long the cinchalok can last in the fridge after making a batch?

Pei San said...

this look really very yummy....

Pei San said...

Your cincalok look very fresh and delicious....hehehe bagi i satu boleh? wahahaha

Elin said...

Hi Cindy....I never knew that this is how people in Melaka make their cincalok. I love it as a sauce as dips for fried fish...just the thought of it makes me drool. Thank you so much for sharing such a delightful delicacy :) I cook meat with cincalok too...yummy ! Too bad , over here I seldom see geragao or I can make my own too :)

yummylittlecooks said...

K. Nor,
Kat Melaka pun kadang kala sudah nak cari geragau.
Homemade cincalok , kita adjust dia punya garam, tapi mesti masuk dalam fridge.
Saya tak masukkan air didih nasi( air arm), sebab mak kata ada nasi, tak payah guna air didih nasi.
Yes, mom orang nyonya from Kuala Sungai Baru Melaka...hehehe

Yup, because we love cincalok, so everytime when mom did the cincalok,we can't wait, must taste....

I still got some in the fridge, for about 21/2 weeks old, and still looking fresh and smell nice too.

Pei San,
Hehehe...boleh boleh....:)

This is my first timer too.Normally my mom will make it, and give me a bottle. said...

Thanks for sharing your cincaluk recipe. FYI, I have shared your recipe in my blog

lena said...

thank you for making this, it's an eye opener for me..i hv no idea how to make cincaluk at home!

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Ivy,
You're most welcome, and thanks to you too for sharing it in your blog :)

hi lena,
Now you know, easy right? Next time if you can get geragau, try it.

Veronica @ Minty’sKitchen said...

Wow, home-made cincaluk! I didn't know that you can make it at home. I don't know if I can find krill in Melbourne. Thanks for sharing.

Annielicious Food said...

You make me really wanna make one at home. But sourcing for krill in Singapore is really really a big mission :(

Annielicious Food said...

It's almost a mission impossible for us to get krills in singapore. I hope I can make this at home too :(

Cheah said...

I've never had this for years. Homemade is so much more hygienic and I'm amazed that you can do it!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Oh, just realized that you are a Nyonya. Thanks for sharing this , now I know how to make cincaluk at home but don't think I can make this as I never see fresh Geragau selling here.

kitchen flavours said...

I've just posted one cincaluk dish.
I have not eaten homemade cincaluk for years. My late mom used to make our own cincaluk, she uses brandy, it is awesome, unlike the ones that I bought from Malacca, even though they say are homemade, they are really salty! Wish I could get the geragau shrimps over here in Selangor! When I was young, we used to wait for the fishermen by the shore to bring back their day's catch of fresh geragau!
Great to know another fellow Nyonya from Malacca! Apa khabar?
Gua sekarang jadi lu punya follower! :0)

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Joyce,
Khabar baik :)
Ya, store bought ones are really salty!!
Wah! used brandy, my sister asked me to use too, but since it's a first time , I dare not open new brandy wor, mahal....
For geragau, maybe you can headed to Kuala Selangor, my sister bought some from there too.
Gua pun lu punya follower....hehehe

Anonymous said...

Can I use dried geragau to make this? I cant seem to find the fresh ones.

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Zoe, sorry for the late reply.
No, cannot use dried geragau, must use fresh geragau, the fresher the better.

LXY said...

hello! Your step-by-step processes for making cincalok are very clear! I'm going to try to make it for myself! Btw, i have used your recipe in my Malaysia Culture Food assignment, and stated your blog's name, will you mind? [=

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi! Thank you .
It's ok if you link back or stated my blog name !