Monday, April 8, 2013

Cek Mek Molek ( Beautiful Lady)

Cek Mek Molek,kuih asal dari Negeri Kelantan
Cek Mek Mlek ( Beautiful Lady )

This month is Malaysian Food Fest , Kelantan , and as usual , I'll cook or bake some goodies to participate in this event. And, I choose this  Cek Mek Molek, not just because it's easy but tasty too..yup, I tried this before, not only once ,but almost weekly.......hehe. There's a stall near my house selling this Cek Mek Molek...

For this Cek Mek, I used purple sweet potatoes , so the colour are darker. I fried over medium heat, that made the skin not pretty, and the sugar inside not fully melted. When I bite it, I can feel the crup crup sound, the sugar....which it's not bad , something different....lols

Here's the recipe from Wendy .

500 gm steamed sweet potatoes
100 gm plain flour
coarse grain sugar for filling
oil for frying

Method :
While the sweet potatoes were hot, mash them fine and add in flour.You may not need all or you may need more.Just add until pliable dough is formed.
Divide dough into equal pieces ( 30gm each).
Lightly dust hands with flour and flatten each pieces of dough.
Fill with 1 tsp sugar.
Seal up and make it into oblong shape with pointing ends.
Repeat until all the dough filled and formed.
Deep fry the cek mek on medium heat until a crust forms o the outside.
Drain and let it cool before serving.

Mashed sweet potatoes....

Form a dough......

Divide into 30 gm each.....

Shaping Cek Mek.....

Do hop over to Wendy's blog for a video on how to shape cek mek....

I'm submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest hosted by Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets.



Phong Hong said...

It looks yummy! I think I would like the krup krap crunch of the sugar. Very nice!

ICook4Fun said...

Thanks you for you support of the event. Love the color of the sweet potato.