Saturday, April 18, 2015

Candied/Preserves Kumquats

preserves kumquat

Kumquat season is over, but lucky me still manage to get some about 2 kilos from Longtan Lake at Yilan County, Taiwan. Yilan County is well known for their kumquats , spring onions and hot springs.
I turn all of this precious gems into candies/preserves. Why candies/preserves not jam? Simply because I like to use it for baking, my family loves when I bake some of this tea cakes with chunks kumquat preserved not pureed.Also made some buns with it, which I'll share in another post.

After some reading here and there from nets about this candies/preserves,I got the idea from here ,came out this simple ratio of sugar ,water and this little gems.

If you want to  turn it into jam , you can refer to wendy's blog. Few years back I made some from her blog and it taste awesomely good too.

Here's the recipe from here with some modifications.

1 kg kumquats
500 gm water
500 gm sugar

Wash and cut kumquats into half.
Remove seeds.
Place kumquats in a large pot of boiling water.
Boil  for 5 minutes and drain.
Combine water and sugar. Heat until sugar has dissolved.
Add kumquats, bring to a simmer until kumquats are soft and translucent and the syrup is slightly thick. 
Spoon into a sterilized jar and seal tightly.

kumquat preserves

Lucky me , still manage to get 2 kilos of kumquats although the season is over....

kumquat preserves

It is better to cut it into half than into can get the petals shape...;)

kumquat preserves

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