Cleaning Hacks with a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

One may not be a clean freak like Monica Geller but nobody likes dust all around the house. There are numerous ways of dusting. Dust is a good riddance, always. First, vacuum cleaners made the job easy. Second, vacuum cleaning became easier and cleaning easier yet with the advent of handheld vacuum cleaners. Now that handheld vacuum cleaners are rapidly becoming common, people look for yet easier ways to get things done. More than it is a matter of laziness, it is a matter of cleanliness and cleanliness is more important than many other things in this world. Here, in this write-up, we try to make cleaning easier still with basic yet helpful hacks that you can entangle with your handheld vacuum cleaner. Let us what those hacks are: 


Look for a better utility from the attachments: 

For proper housekeeping and cleaner finicky things in the house, you can utilize your dusting brush in more ways than one. Your dusting brush can come in handy on mirror frames, picture, books, lampshades and blinds. This is particularly helpful in combating the annoying dust particles in the wrong places. 

Clean those pestering clutters in the roller: 

Hair strands or knots and threads can be awfully nagging when stuck in the brush roller. However, there is a method to rid these annoying entities. You can grab a seam ripper and pull out such strings from the brush without worrying much. 

Do not throw away that old pantyhose yet: 

Sometimes, you may end up dropping a tiny item in a unreachable place. Instead of descending into a panic attack, utilize your pantyhose. Use a rubber band to fit the pantyhose on the nozzle. This adds to the suction power of your handheld vacuum cleaner. The only thing you need to take care is that the item does not end up in the bag. 

Resuscitate the old carpet: 

Rearranging of furniture can leave dents behind on the carpet. You can place ice cubes at these places so that the melt swells up the fibers. Now use your vacuum cleaner on it to get the fibers back in place. 

To avoid stench, use baking soda: 

Your mattresses, rugs, or carpets can be difficult to take on a tour to your washing machine. Here too, your handheld vacuum cleaner comes to your rescue. Sprinkle some baking soda on such smelly items and allow it to stay for about 30 minutes. After that, suck up the baking soda along with other dust particles. 

Sometimes, create your own attachments: 

The attachments that come with your handheld vacuum cleaners may not be enough to reach each and every place in your house. In this scenario, use a cardboard roll. For instance, you can squish one end of the cardboard tube to fit the sliding track and attach the other end to the hose. This way, you can suck up the dirt from such a narrow place. 

These 6 hacks have been very effective practically and may even help you with household cleaning. Have a great time vacuuming! 

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