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Mom’s 88th Birthday


This is a post that I want to remember for my entire life.I’m not a good writer nor chatter,so it’ll be a short post.
Last Saturday , we celebrate birthday for our beloved mother.She turned 88 years old this year.We made a reservation for 7 tables in a restaurant, all tables ,except 1 table, are for our family’s children, grandchildren and great grand children.The other table was for mom’s close friend.
As you can see, the cake above,it’s ordered by my niece.It’s 2 layers cake, bottom layer weigh 4 kg, top layer ( peach) weigh 2 kg…..pretty, isn’t it?I was responsible for the delivery of the cake, the first moment I saw it in the bakery shop, I was stunned.The bottom layer cake was a pandan sponge cake,top layer was chocolate sponge cake.It was decorated with buttercream icing except the leaves.
The moment the waitress took out our cake, we heard lots of ooh..ahh,so pretty!!

We were so happy chatting and eating,until I forgot to snap food photos…haiz..

Happy Birthday Mom!! Although , I joined you right after my 1 month old,but I love you very much!!
You raised me up as your own child, you gave me warm, you gave me hope, you gave me whatever I
needed……that I will never never never FORGET !!!