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Come summer and something happens to me; my love for grilling shows up in ways I cannot even explain. Though living in a city like New York has not given me enough freedom to grill wherever I want, I have managed to live my fantasy of grilling. I have been into this grilling business for a long time now and have pretty much had my hands on many recipes – both occidental and oriental. These recipes have traveled along with me and still continue to ring my doorbell sometimes. My love for grilling has reflected the recipes that are going to follow in this write-up. Without tickling your tongue much, let us discuss these ideas. 

Jerk Chicken 

Chicken has always been my favorite. No wonder why my grill has seen so many chickens come and go. Jerk Chicken, however, did not come easy. I took a long time to figure out the best way to grill chicken and then to garnish it in a manner so that the presentation only compliments its essence. I used allspice berries and bay leaves to garnish the smoked chicken. The end product is delicious. 

Beef Tenderloin 


Let me tell you, if you have not grilled beef, you have not done anything in your life. This recipe when taken off the grill, resembles a charred piece of wood. But when you cut through it, you would be surprised to see the tenderness it possesses. Do remember to allow beef some rest when taken off of the grill. And, do not forget to keep the presentation appealing. 

Corn Salad 

I love corn for its versatility. This cereal goes everywhere and gives its best in enhancing the flavor of a recipe. But here, I am going to consider just the corn and grilled corn. Grilled corn alludes to Mexican style cuisine. I bet you would be surprised when you try such a simple yet beautiful recipe. Use some cheese and spices to craft a salad out of grilled corn and it is going to be worth everything. 

Grilled Potato 

Let me show you another simple recipe. Take a secret? I am a fan of simplicity. It shows in my recipes, anyway. Smoked potatoes served with grilled and caramelized lemons are a show stopper. Do try this simple mouth-watering recipe to take a taste of simplicity. You would not be disappointed. 

Grilled Chicken 


I am never going to leave that damned chicken alone as long as I am alive. So, here I take up another chicken recipe on the grill. The savory taste of grilled chicken when served with a sweet and spicy sauce, there is nothing more you can ask for on a summer evening. The only thing is that you need to manage with some heat while you grill during summer. But I don’t think that counts. 

So far, I have shown you some of my all-time favorite recipes. I can assure you that all of them are succulent enough to make your day. So do not sit back in lethargy on a summer day, grill yourself something good. Get up! 

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