Real Difference between Coffee and Espresso

There are many coffee lovers in this world. In fact, we are all coffee lovers. Statistics corroborate the fact. Anyway, even if that is the case, it would not be wrong to say that we ourselves do not know our coffee well enough. This would become clearer with the question we are going to address further. Coffee is famous for the benefits it has on our body and infamous for the exact same reason. Our nights and days are incomplete without a cup of coffee, we crave it every single time. Coffee. Coffee. But we know surprisingly little about the brewing techniques. Well, who would have thought that brewed coffee and espresso are two different entities altogether? Already surprised? Well, it is a fact. If you are aware, you would be really disappointed to be given a cup of black coffee in the name of espresso. Let us now go on to gain an insight into this statement with some practical knowledge about coffee. 


Difference in the way beans are prepared 

One of the differences is highlighted in the manner of preparation of beans. Coffee beans that would grow up to become espresso have to be subjected to roasting for a significantly longer time than the normal coffee beans. Further, beans ready for espresso are ground much finer than the beans meant for normal coffee. 

Difference in the brewing pattern 

The way an espresso is a brewer is markedly different from the way a normal coffee is. Normal coffee or drip coffee usually consumes a longer time to mix with water than espresso does. This allows for the beans to be coarser than the beans meant for espresso. Espresso is generally made by a pressurized stream of water whereas normal coffee can be brewed out of drip method. Normal coffee can even be brewed in a way well represented by the French press. Whatever may be the manner of brewing, normal coffee will have a remarkably milder touch of flavor than a cup of espresso. Also, there would a creamy essence missing. 

Special equipment is needed for espresso 

As a matter of fact, beans meant for espresso can be used to brew normal coffee and vice versa. The difference between coffee and espresso is further highlighted in the way coffee is prepared, it depends on the type of equipment used for preparing coffee. As mentioned earlier, espresso required a forced stream of hot water, a normal coffee brewing machine would hardly be able to give out espresso. In fact, there are specifically designed machines available in the market and are better known as espresso machines. Such machines pull off a traditional espresso with foam floating on its surface. 



So, the real difference between coffee and espresso is brought out in the process of brewing. Now you may have a decent idea of the differences in the two products of coffee beans. It opens ground further for more discussions on other kinds of drinks made of coffee beans. There are, thus, surprising facts about coffee. 

With this, we shall part for a cup of coffee. Happy brewing! 

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