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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Back ! with Deep Fried Springroll Pastry

Hello everyone!!^^ I'm back!!! So sorry for my long absence.
After the long holiday, prepared for Chinese New Year, been so busy and tired.
I'll share holiday's photo later, but, right now, I would like to share this easy recipe....Deep Fried Springroll Pastry, which I made for this Chinese New Year.It's best , if you can find the thin sheet of springroll pastry.

A packet of Springroll Skin
Icing sugar
Oil for deep frying

I'll show with
 Take a piece of spring roll, roll it......
 Seal it with egg.....
Try to roll it tightly, so it won't loose out when we deep fry the spring rolls...
Section it with cleaver, much easier with cleaver than using scissors...
Ready to fry.....
 Deep fry in a wok with medium to small fire, do not use high heat, it'll easily burn outer layer, and the middle layer will still white, uncooked.
Fry until golden brown & the oil less bubbles...turn the flame to high , then scoop out,( with this method the springrolls will not too oily, can use this method in any deep fry food) and place it on a kitchen paper towel.
When the spring has cool down, dust some icing sugar, how much sugar? It depends on individual, if like sweet, add more, if not just a little is enough. As you can in the pic, lots of sugar, we like it sweet, once in a year, never mind....hehehe

Store it in a container....hmmm...1 container for my mom, 1container for my friend and 2 container for me!!!!&..... yum... yum.....