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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fried Prawns With Cereal

This is one of OUR favourites,especially my girls. I use instant cereal to cook this dish.

12-15 big prawns
6-10 chilli padi (chopped)
2 sprig curry leaves
2 tbsp butter ( I used marjerin)
A packet of 'Instant Crispy Prawn With Cereal'
Potato/corn flour for coating
Some salt and pepper
Oil for deep frying

Clean prawns, trimp off the head , shell and tail.I used big prawns, so I halved the prawns.
Add some salt and pepper.
Coat the prawns with potato flour.
Heat up the oil for deep frying.
Deep fry the prawns until cooked.Dish up and drain
Discard oil, clean wok.
Over low heat , add 2tbsp butter/marjerin, add chilli padi and curry leaves.Stir fry untill fragrant.
Add prawns and instant cereal.Toss it up, till the cereal turn brown and crispy.
* Becareful, only use small fire , otherwise will easily get burned.