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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lalas/Clams with Basil Leaves

We love lalas/clams.The first time I cooked this dish , I used only 800 gm of lalas/clams.But now, I've to buy 1.5

I soaked these lala in salt water for about 2 hours, then I washed and cleaned them and transfered them in fridge, until I'm ready to cook it.I picked and washed them 1 by 1 in the sink,and stand until my legs pain ...lols . But it's worth it, because they are so tasty.

1.5 kg lalas/clams
5 slices of ginger
2 cloves garlic (smashed)
2 stalks spring onions, cut into 2 inch length 
1 red chilli, sliced
A handful of basil leaves
1 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sugar
Few dashes of white pepper
Few dashes of sesame oil
2 tbsp oil

Clean lalas, I picked 1 by 1,to make sure all the lalas/clams are clean and with flesh.
Heat up oil, saute sliced ginger, smashed garlic until aromatic.
Add in sliced chilli and spring onions,stir fry until soft and fragrant.
Add in oyster sauce and white pepper , then add in lala/clams, stir fry awhile and cover the wok.
Cook until the lalas open up and turned to reddish in color.At this time, they'd release a lot of moisture, so no need to add water.
Throw in basil leaves and cover for about 1 minute.
Dash some sesame oil and dish up.

Add in the lalas, stir fry it and cover with lid.Cook till all the lalas are cooked.

To all my Hindus friend and readers, wish you Happy Deepavali!!!