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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Purple Sweet Potato Doughnut

Purple sweet potato doughnut

I loveee purple sweet potato, I lovee the colour. I made steam sweet potato cake , ondeh-ondehmantouangkoo kuih and cek mek all from purple sweet potato..beside the colour I also love how it gives a soft texture to all these kuih...haha...And here is another one..doughnut!!

Here's the recipe for the soft and fluffy sweet potato doughnut.
Recipe's from K.Nor.

100 gm purple sweet potato ( steamed and mashed)
Purple sweet potato doughnut
200 gm flour
11/2 tsp instant yeast
50 gm caster sugar
1 tbsp condensed milk
11/2 tbsp butter
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
60 ml water

Oil for deep frying
Icing sugar for coating

Peeled purple sweet potato and cut into pieces, steam until soft and mash whilst hot. Keep a side and let it cool.
Mix together flour, yeast and sugar. 
Add in  mashed purple sweet potato , condensed milk, butter , egg yolk and salt, whisk together.
Lastly , slowly add in water to form a soft and elastic dough.
Cover and leave to prove for about 1 hr, till it double in size.
Mould it into a ball then let it rest for 15 minutes.
Roll it out into a thin sheet about 10mm thick, then cut it with doughnut cutter.
Place uncooked doughnuts onto a lightly flour baking tray and cover with a wet cloth,leave it to prove for 35 minutes.
Deep fry doughnuts in hot oil till golden brown.
Dish up and coated with icing sugar.Serve.
Purple sweet potato doughnut

Steamed and mash the purple sweet potato...
Purple sweet potato doughnut

After proving....
Purple sweet potato doughnut

Deep fry....loveeeee the color , so sweet!!;)
Purple sweet potato doughnut

Soft and fluffy!!!...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Purple Sweet Potatoes Ondeh-Ondeh / "Buah Melaka" ( Glutinous Rice Ball With Palm Sugar )

Ondeh-ondeh is also known as Buah Melaka by the nyonya peranakans. You can easily find it at wet market, coffee shops or stalls along the roadside in the morning.Also, there's a stall at Jonker Street selling ondeh-ondeh freshly at night. 

This cute sticky,soft chewy little balls filled with sweet palm sugar ( gula melaka) and coated with freshly grated young coconut.

There're varieties of ondeh-ondeh. There's sweet potato ondeh-ondeh, pumpkin ondeh-ondeh and original pandan flavor. Usually you can find the original pandan flavor that's a  little green color balls, which used glutinous rice flour, pandan juice(pandan paste) and green coloring ..

I made the original flavor ondeh-ondeh and found it a little bit dense.I'll keep finding the good original flavor recipe, meanwhile, let me share with you this purple sweet potatoes ondeh-ondeh..that I made a couple of weeks ago..

Do not eat this while it's still hot, the palm sugar syrup will burn your tongue.
Pop it into your mouth when cooled and closed your mouth when you chew it , otherwise, the syrup will burst out.

Here's the recipe from Jeannie .

160g glutinous rice flour
10g tapioca flour
120g sweet potatoes, steamed and pureed
80-100g pandan water (boil 300g water with 2 pieces of pandan leaves)
100g gula melaka (palm sugar) - roughly chopped
150g white grated coconut


Steam white grated coconut with 1/8 tsp salt for 10 minutes.
In a large bowl mix glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour and mashed pumpkin together, slowly add 80g pandan water into it and knead to a smooth dough. If dough is too dry add a little more pandan water into it or little more flour if it is too wet.
Pinch dough into small ball (about 10g), slightly press flat and fill with gula melaka and roll into smooth ball again. 
Bring a pot of water to a boil and drop the little dough balls into it. 
When they float to the surface and let it boil for another 2-3 minutes.
Remove them with a slotted spoon and shake off excess water.
Roll the cooked glutinous balls over the white grated coconut.
Served warm or at room temperature.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ki Ka Ku / Xi ban ( Steam Buns)

Ki Ka Ku / Xi Ban ( Steamed Buns )

Xi Ban / KiKaKu , this yummy buns ,you can easily find it at night market(pasar malam) or wet market , and the shape are round and flat.

Some say it's Hakka Xi Ban, but my sister said it's Hokkienese favorites.....because she married to a hokkienese and her mother in law like to made this buns...lols

After I made Huat Kueh/Fatt Goh, I told my sister in law, I want to try make this xi ban/kikaku, which is her favourite kuih..she's a hokkienese.....hahaha....

I made this kuih twice...
1st attempt......I used recipe from a book,the recipe title 'Xi Ban' ,the recipe call for a portion of dough to proof for about 3-4 hrs, but I over proof xi ban / kikaku, not rissing at all, flat and taste like plain angku kuih....what a waste......

The failure kuih, just like plain angku kuih.....soft chewy while still hot, but chewy dense when cold..

2nd attempt...
On the 2nd day,woke up in the morning, while my mind still thinking of the failure xi ban/ kikaku, I quickly made breakfast for my children, and surf for another xi ban / kikaku recipe, until I found this, yes! and the recipe really easy to follow..... and the best part is need only 1 hour of proofing...

and here they are...soft chewy and not so sweet xi ban / kikaku.....I brought it to my sister's house and everybody love it including my sister in law.....hehehe...and no matter what it called, Hakka Xi Ban or Hokkien taste sooo delicious!!!...

This is the 2nd attempt.....yummy.....soft and little bit chewy.....

Ok, here's the recipe from Sonia , thanks Sonia for this recipe....

Makes about 27pcs

250 gm glutinous rice flour 
300 gm  all purpose flour 
150 gm caster sugar(you may increase, if you want sweeter)
100gm cooking oil  (1/2 cup)
11/2 tsp yeast 

240 gm water ..I added about 30-40 gm more..
Few drops of red colouring, until your desire colour.

Banana leaves (soften in hot water, cut into round shape)

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl, knead until soft and smooth.
Divide dough to equal portion (about 40g), shape into small round ball. Grease your hand with some cooking oil, place small round ball on the banana leaf, and flatten the dough by pressing your palm on the dough ball.
Cover with cling film and rest for 1hour
Steam over hot boiling water for 15mins or until cooked.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Huat Kueh / Fatt Koh

I made 2 batches of huat kueh, rose flavouring and gula melaka.
They are soft and chewy texture, just the way I like it.
For the rose flavour, I added 3/4 tbsp of rose flavouring, which I found still not enough fragrant.Next time should add 1 tbsp of rose flavouring, nonetheless, I love this flavour a little bit more than gula melaka huat kueh.

Thanks  Kristy for this recipe :)

100 gm warm water
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp sugar
10 gm yeast

350 ml water
300 gm sugar
( for rose flavour I used 1 tbsp rose flavour + some red colouring)
( for brown sugar version I used 200 gm sugar + 100 gm gula melaka to replace the sugar)

500 gm all purpose flour
10 gm cooking oil/butter

Combine ingredient (B) and dissolve sugar over medium heat until just boiling.
Leave the ingredients (B) cool for about 15 mins.
Combine ingredients (A) and leave a side for 10 mins.
Combine ingredients (A), (B) and (C) together and mix well.
Leave to proof for 3-4 hrs.
The mixture will look very fluffy and moist.
Preheat steamer in medium heat.
Stir batter before divide into small cups for steaming.
Use a pair of scissors slightly coated the edges with cooking oil.
Then make a cross cut through each cups.
Coat the scissors with cooking oil before each cuttings.
Finally, steam for 30 minutes over medium high heat.Not medium & not high, it's in between. The steaming heat is very important. It helps to give you more bigger smile on you huat kueh.

The rose flavouring....

Gula Melaka / Palm Sugar......

This is all I get from 2 smiling huet kueh......:)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kuih Talam Tokyo

Talam Tokyo, what  cute name,one of my FB friends asked, why the name Talam Tokyo? And in Tokyo don't have this kuih....haha...I also don't know, but in Malaysia there're many unique name for the Tepung Bunga ( Flower Flour), or Mee Racun  ( Poisonous Noodle)...etc...
Back to this talam, it taste sososo good,really really nice. It almost same like seri muka, the difference is bottom part we use Sago instead of glutinous rice. Sago give a nice and soft texture.For those who can't take much glutinous rice, you can try this.

I copied this recipe from Annie, do hop over to her blog ,her kuih talam looks greener than mine, so beautiful!

Ingredients :
150g Sago (small sized)
30g Glass Noodles (aka Soo Hoon / Tang Hoon)
50g Grated Coconut
50ml Coconut Milk
150ml Water
½ tsp Salt

For Top Layer
2 Eggs
150ml Sugar
200ml Coconut Milk 
200ml Water + 2 Pandan Leaves (Blend them together, strained, keep the juice)
50g Custard Powder
few drops of Green Coloring or Pandan Paste
½ tsp Alkaline Water ( I omitted this)
½ tsp Salt

Method (for Bottom Layer)
Wash sago, soaked in water for 30mins, drained.
Wash glass noodles, soaked in WARM water for 30mins, drained and snip into about 1 inch length (or shorter if you want)
Prepare a 7' x 7' inch cake tin. Line a layer of cling wrap paper at the bottom of the cake tin. Lightly grease the cake tin with oil.
Combine all Bottom Layer ingredients in the cake tin. mix well and spread the mixture evenly.
Under a steaming wok, steam the bottom layer kueh under high heat for about 25 minutes. Use a spoon to kinda gently press it if you find that the layer of kueh is uneven.

Method (for Top Layer)
First, blend the pandan leaves and water together, strained and set the pandan juice aside. Wash the blender, and make sure it is free from pandan leaves residues.
With clean blender, combine all Top Layer ingredients together and blend it away.
Strain the mixture, and pour the mixture straight to the wok. Under very low fire, continuously stirring, cook the mixture until thickened and almost going to boil, NOT boiling.
Pour the mixture on top of the steamed bottom layer kueh. If you are worried that it will have some lumps in there, strain the mixture one more time before you pour them in.
With a clean white cloth cover on top of the kueh, steam it for 25 minutes.
Once kueh is cooked, let the cake cooled down COMPLETELY before unmould and cut for serving. 

If you don't have clean cloth to cover the kueh during steaming, the vapor water will drip down, and your kueh will end up having lots of dimples. To prevent that, there are 3 ways.

1. Use those chinese bamboo steamer cover. Those that dim sum restaurants used.
2. Cover the kueh with clean cloth. But the cloth MUST NOT touch the surface of the kueh.
3. Stand infront of the steamer, For every 4 or 5 minutes, remove the steam cover and give the steam cover a very quick wipe, to wipe away the vapor water, and cover it back. This is to prevent steam water drip down. But this motion must be fast, and of course, the most tedious method. But if your kueh still have some vapor drips dimples, gently use toilet roll to absorb the water away from the surface of the kueh. 

I'm submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest hosted by Annie of Annielicious Food


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terengganu Kuih Tepung Bunga

Tepung Bunga is one of the traditional kuih from Terengganu. When translate it into English it become ' Flour Flower'.....the name is so cute, isn't it ?And it does look like cream puff...hehehe...

This Tepung Bunga has the crispy / crunchy skin, and chewy in the middle. I dusted some icing sugar on it for more umphh....and of course you can eat it without dusting the icing sugar too.

The recipe is from K.Nor ,  ;)

1 1/2 cup glutinious flour
3/4 cup ( 180 ml) thick coconut milk 
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs, but I use one only, it's enough. Slightly beat.
Oil for deep fry
Some icing sugar for dusting

Mix salt and glutinous flour.
Add in coconut milk, and knead to form a dough.
Divide into a small balls, about 18 -20 gm each, then flatten it with your palms.
Dip it into the eggs, and deep-fry in the hot oil , until golden brown.
Dish up and place it on paper towel.
Dust some icing sugar and serve.

 Knead to become a dough....

Divide into small dough about 20 gm each, the flatten it with your palms....

Deep fry in hot puff up and begin to crack.....

See the cracked? like flower?, I think this is why they have been called Tepung Bunga / Flour Flower

Chewy in the middle and crispy on the outer layer....yum yum...

I'm submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest host by Lena of  frozen wings.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Terengganu Kuih Akok

How time flies.....this is the 3rd month of MFF and it's Terengganu Month.
You can find the round up for previous month here :
 Melaka Month ( August 2012 )
 Sarawak Month ( September 2012)

I don't know much about Terengganu food except for it's popular Keropok Lekor, which we can find it in Night market or shopping.In this month , I do hope to learn more about Terengganu food :)

Back to this Kuih Akok , recipe recommended by lena , which is from Resepi Tok Wan.
The taste not bad, like egg pudding with gula melaka flavor, but, my kids said, like egg tarts.
I didn't use non stick pan, so my kuih akok stick to my pan, even I greased the pan....ggrrrrrr.
So, I highly recommend you use non stick pan... 
Here's the recipe I translated it in English and modefied a bit:


100 ml water
100 gm gula melaka/palm sugar, chopped
3 small blades of pandan leafs (Simply tear apart)
5 eggs
200 ml thick coconut milk
30 gm flour
pinch of salt

Cook gula melaka/palm sugar with water and pandan leafs, until all the sugar dissolved.
Keep a side to cool.
Pre heat the oven at 200C.
Once the gula melaka mixture cooled, add in the remaining ingredients , mix well and sieve.
Grease a muffin tray , or if you got the mould, you can use it too. I highly recommend non stick pan.
Pour the mixture into the mould, fill to the top/brim.
Bake at preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Depends on your oven. Mind 27 minutes...lols.

*This kuih will fluff up while baking, but will immediate deflate and wrinkle once you take out from oven.

You can view the original recipe here.

Ready to bake...

 This is the 10 minutes baked. According to the recipe bake for 10 minutes and this is the 10 minutes looks like.....and I thought I failed, because it didn't fluff I wait again.....and let it bake....

 And this is after 15 happy when you can see it begin to fluff....phewww luckily I didn't throw it away....hahaha

 And this....after 20 minutes......

And this 25 minutes......I wait until 27 minutes....hehehe....Beautiful right?!!!

And this right from the immediately shrink and wrinkle....zzzzzzzzzzzz

 The look at the bottom.....
I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest , Terengganu Month , hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Peanut Santan Layer Kuih

This recipe is from Famous Cuisine magazine with slightly changed.

200 gm grounded peanut
60 gm rice flour
80 gm tapioca flour
10 gm sago flour/powder
200 ml thick coconut milk
120 gm caster sugar ( I used 90 gm only)
400 ml water

60 gm rice flour
80 gm tapioca flour
10 gm sago flour/powder
200 ml thick coconut milk
120 gm caster sugar ( I used 90 gm only)
200 ml water
1/2 tsp salt

Combine ingredients (A) and (B) separately, strain well.
Prepare 8 inches round tin, line with plastic or banana leaf.
I used 7 inch square tin, lined with aluminium foil.
Spoon batters in tin on sequence by different color at about 150 ml each layer.
I forgot the volume of each layer, but you can divided the ground peanut batter into 5 layers, and white color into 4 layers.Then you can get 9 layers.Start and end steaming with the ground peanut layer.
Steam each layer for 3-4 minutes over medium heat.
For the final layer , steam over medium heat for further 20 minutes.
Remove from the heat and leave it completely cool.
Cut and serve.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nyonya Palm Sugar/Gula Melaka Layer Kuih

My imagination/plan of making this kuih is 8 layers only.When I finished mixing all the (A) and (B) ingredients, I realised that the (A) batter looks like not enough, so little.So, I weighed and mixed the (A) ingredients again, now it become double...haha
But, how come 10 layers??!!! Hahaha...I missed count ...lols.....while waiting for each layer to cook, which it took about 4 minutes, I watched drama  , I just couldn't stand there and wait, no patience at I walked in and out from living room to the kitchen...hahaha....end up I missed count and forgot each layer volume too....:P 
But, it still looks nice and tall, right?
The taste?? It's a bit toooo sweet for me, I should cut down the sugar, but I like the nice aroma of the gula melaka/ palm sugar.
I write down the original recipe here, you can cut down the sugar into half , if you don't like sweetingy thing.
And, also if you want  it tall, like in the picture, double the (A) ingredients and use 7 inch tin (mine 7 inch square tin)
60 gm rice flour  
30 gm green pea flour
100 gm caster sugar
30 ml thick coconut milk
200 ml water
1/4 tsp salt
some yellow colouring

60 gm rice flour
30 gm green pea flour
300 ml thick coconut milk

Syrup :
150 gm palm sugar/ gula melaka
200 ml water
3 blades pandan leaves (knotted)

To Make syrup : 
In a pot, add in syrup ingredients and cook over medium-high heat until the sugar completely dissolve.
Remove from heat,  leave  it cool .

Combine all ingredients (A) and strain well.
Combine all the ingredients (B) and add in syrup, strain well   .
Prepare 8 inch square tin , lined with plastic sheet or banana leaf. I lined mine with aluminium floil.
Spoon batters in tin on sequence of different colour at about 150ml each layer.
Cover and steam each layer for 4 minutes over high heat.
For the final layer, steam over high heat for further 15-20 minutes. 
Remove from heat and leave it to cool. Cut and serve.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pumpkin Layer Kuih/ Kuih Lapis Labu

This pumpkin layer kuih is adapted from yummylicious  , which she adapted from yatie . I found it a little bit sweet hmmm.....probably I use coarse sugar , but overall it's still a yummy and delicious kuih.

There's another mistake while doing this kuih, that is, I put more than 1 cup of pumpkin puree and turn up the pumpkin layer a little bit soft, not firm enough.A lesson to learn and always remember,to follow the recipe....don't simply simply add......lols

2 cups water
11/4 caster sugar ( can reduce to 1 cup)
1/2 tsp salt
2 pieces of pandan leaves, knotted

2 cups flour
1/2 cup rice flour
1/4 cup cornflour
2 cups thick coconut milk
2 cups water

1/2 cup thick coconut milk

1 cup smashed pumpkin ( steam and smash the pumpkin)

Cook (A) until sugar dissolve, let it cool and set aside.
In another bowl, mix (B), add in the cooked syrup mixture from (A) , mix well.
Strain the mixture and divide into 2 portions.
Add in (C) to one of the mixture.Divide into 3 portions.
Add (D) into the other half. Divide into 3 portions.
Prepared 9 inch tray.I used aluminium floil to line up my tin.
Pour 1st portion of pumpkin mixture onto the prepared tray and steam for 5-7 minutes.
Pour the 1 st portion of coconut milk mixture onto the cooked 1st pumpkin layer, steam for another 5-7 minutes.
Repeat the process until finish.For the last layer, steam for 20 minutes. You'll get 3 layers of white color(coconut) and 3 layers of pumpkin kuih.
Let the steam cake/kuih completely cool, then use a plastic knife to cut out the shape. Serve.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Purple Sweet Potato Angkoo Kuih with Peanut Filling

The recipe from Sonia  and I saw Lena also made these.These angkoo kueh dough were very soft.I used ground peanuts for the filling, so tasty.
I made 1.5 of the recipe and got 30 pieces of angkoo kuih.

Sweet Potato Dough:
450 gm purple sweet potatoes, cut into pieces
300 gm glutinous rice flour
11/2 tbsp rice flour
3 tbsp sugar
41/2 tbsp corn oil
270 ml water, I used 250 ml only

For filling:
300 gm ground peanut
130 gm icing sugar

*Mix ground peanut and icing sugar, set aside for later use.

Steam sweet potatoes till soft, about 15 minutes.
Use a fork , mashed the cooked sweet potatoes.
Add in glutinous flour,rice flour, sugar and corn oil, slowly adding water to mix well till soft dough, keep aside and rest for 30 minutes.Difference sweet potato has difference texture, some soft and watery, do not add all the water at one go, slowly add and knead till a soft dough.If dough is too soft, then you may add more glutinous rice flour
Shape into 36 gm ball.

To shape and cook Angkoo kueh:
Grease the Angkoo kueh mould by brushing some corn oil.
Take the weighted dough, shape it into a bowl , place some mixed ground peanuts,pinch the edges, and shape into a ball.
Place the ball in the mould, press evenly, then knock out and place on greased banana leaf.
Arrange on steaming tray and steam for 10 minutes over high heats( I used medium heat)
Mix icing sugar and ground peanuts. I forgot to sieve the icing sugar.
Then , I used hand to mixed it.
Glutinous rice flour, sugar and rice flour.
Add the mixed flour to the mashed sweet potato.Mixed it.
Adding the water.
Knead to become a soft dough, set a side.
Shape the dough into a bowl pattern, add in the mixed ground peanuts.
Pinch the edges.
Shaped into a ball.
Place the ball in the mould and press evenly.
Knocked out and place on a greased banana leaf, and steam the angkoo kueh.