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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Longan Konyaku Jelly

This is our favorites dessert, longan konyaku jelly. I'd tried lychees flavor before, but longan flavor is still the best. 
I used pre-mix konyaku jelly.

1 can longan
1 packet of pre-mix konyaku jelly
1000 ml water
250 ml longan syrup
Few drops of red coloring

Mix 1000ml water with 250 ml longan syrup into a pot.Bring the mixture to boil.
When the mixture boils, stir in the  pre-mix konyaku jelly & red coloring.
Let it boils for another 5 minutes.
Mean while ,place some longan into konyaku  mould.
Pour the mixture into the prepared mould, let it half set, then chill in the fridge till firm.

Here's some pictures taken from Taiwan.
At Sun Moon Lake ....

 I like this pic......nice..
 On the way to Sun Moon Lake, we saw lots of Areca trees....
These are Areca nut...

We visited this shop....the shop selling candied plums

 Assorted candied plums for you to taste.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Squid with Snow Peas

1 squid , about 400gm
Some snow peas, cut into half
Carrot, cut into flowers
1 stalk green onions
2 cloves garlic, smashed

2 tbsp soy sauce   
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp black vinegar
2 tsp cornstarch
4 tbsp water

Clean the squid , and cut into pieces.
Blanch squid in boiling water for about 30 sec. Dish and drain.
Heat up 2 tbsp oil, stir fry garlic, until aromatic.
Add in green onion ( white part only) , carrot and snow peas, cook until the veggies are cooked.
Add in green onion( green part) , stir fry and add in sauce.
Lastly add in cooked squid, cook over high heat , until the sauce thickens.( if the sauce too thick, add more water)
Dish up and serve with white rice.

These photos was taken when we were in Taiwan Dec 2011....

These are all about duck, you can find duck neck, gizard, blood,feet & etc......
These are sweet potatoes-fries, Taiwan version of french fries...