Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terengganu Kuih Tepung Bunga

Tepung Bunga is one of the traditional kuih from Terengganu. When translate it into English it become ' Flour Flower'.....the name is so cute, isn't it ?And it does look like cream puff...hehehe...

This Tepung Bunga has the crispy / crunchy skin, and chewy in the middle. I dusted some icing sugar on it for more umphh....and of course you can eat it without dusting the icing sugar too.

The recipe is from K.Nor ,  ;)

1 1/2 cup glutinious flour
3/4 cup ( 180 ml) thick coconut milk 
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs, but I use one only, it's enough. Slightly beat.
Oil for deep fry
Some icing sugar for dusting

Mix salt and glutinous flour.
Add in coconut milk, and knead to form a dough.
Divide into a small balls, about 18 -20 gm each, then flatten it with your palms.
Dip it into the eggs, and deep-fry in the hot oil , until golden brown.
Dish up and place it on paper towel.
Dust some icing sugar and serve.

 Knead to become a dough....

Divide into small dough about 20 gm each, the flatten it with your palms....

Deep fry in hot puff up and begin to crack.....

See the cracked? like flower?, I think this is why they have been called Tepung Bunga / Flour Flower

Chewy in the middle and crispy on the outer layer....yum yum...

I'm submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest host by Lena of  frozen wings.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Terengganu Braised Chicken/ Kay Hong.

 This braised chicken is quite similar to nyonya dish Chicken Pongteh, except , in chicken pongteh, we used mushrooms and potatoes. In this braised chicken we used boiled eggs, which it gives a huge difference taste from chicken pongteh, and it's really tasty.....We enjoy it very much :)

Recipe source : Phong Hong . This recipe is really great, thanks to you Phong Hong :)

2 chicken legs ( cut into bite size)
1 pork belly ( cut into 1 inch thick)
6 hard boiled eggs
15 shallots
3 cloves garlic
2 tbsp preserved bean paste (taucheow)
2 tbsp kayciap ( or ABC sauce/ sweet soya sauce)
2 tbsp dark soy sauce ( I used 1 tbsp only)
Gula Melaka / Palm sugar to taste
700 ml water ( adjust for consistency, use less for thick gravy)

Blend shallots, garlic and taucheow.
Saute the blend paste until fragrant.
Add pork belly and fry about 10 minutes.
Add in kayciap/sweet soy sauce, dark soy sauce, gula melaka , water and hard boiled eggs..
Bring to boil and simmer 30 minutes before adding the chicken.
Simmer until chicken is cooked and tender.

 I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest , Terengganu Month hosted by Lena of frozen wings .

Monday, October 8, 2012

Terengganu Kuih Akok

How time flies.....this is the 3rd month of MFF and it's Terengganu Month.
You can find the round up for previous month here :
 Melaka Month ( August 2012 )
 Sarawak Month ( September 2012)

I don't know much about Terengganu food except for it's popular Keropok Lekor, which we can find it in Night market or shopping.In this month , I do hope to learn more about Terengganu food :)

Back to this Kuih Akok , recipe recommended by lena , which is from Resepi Tok Wan.
The taste not bad, like egg pudding with gula melaka flavor, but, my kids said, like egg tarts.
I didn't use non stick pan, so my kuih akok stick to my pan, even I greased the pan....ggrrrrrr.
So, I highly recommend you use non stick pan... 
Here's the recipe I translated it in English and modefied a bit:


100 ml water
100 gm gula melaka/palm sugar, chopped
3 small blades of pandan leafs (Simply tear apart)
5 eggs
200 ml thick coconut milk
30 gm flour
pinch of salt

Cook gula melaka/palm sugar with water and pandan leafs, until all the sugar dissolved.
Keep a side to cool.
Pre heat the oven at 200C.
Once the gula melaka mixture cooled, add in the remaining ingredients , mix well and sieve.
Grease a muffin tray , or if you got the mould, you can use it too. I highly recommend non stick pan.
Pour the mixture into the mould, fill to the top/brim.
Bake at preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Depends on your oven. Mind 27 minutes...lols.

*This kuih will fluff up while baking, but will immediate deflate and wrinkle once you take out from oven.

You can view the original recipe here.

Ready to bake...

 This is the 10 minutes baked. According to the recipe bake for 10 minutes and this is the 10 minutes looks like.....and I thought I failed, because it didn't fluff I wait again.....and let it bake....

 And this is after 15 happy when you can see it begin to fluff....phewww luckily I didn't throw it away....hahaha

 And this....after 20 minutes......

And this 25 minutes......I wait until 27 minutes....hehehe....Beautiful right?!!!

And this right from the immediately shrink and wrinkle....zzzzzzzzzzzz

 The look at the bottom.....
I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest , Terengganu Month , hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings .

Friday, September 28, 2012

Horlicks Layer Cake

I made this layer cake twice, because I failed at first attempt.
The first attempt, I got all my ingredients right but it was dry and I burnt a layer, ( I cut away the burnts part).

The second attempt, I used wrong grade eggs, I used grade A instead of gred B( medium), I supposed to stop cracking the last (10th) eggs, but I totally forgot....haiz.....but , still turned out great, really moist and taste yummy....

Recipe from Wendy
450 gm butter
140gm sugar ( I used 80gm)
10 medium eggs, grade C
510 gm canned condensed milk
240gm superfine/ cake flour ( I used cake flour)
200 gm Horlicks powder

Pre-heat oven 175C. top & bottom heat.
Use a 9x9 inch square pan., line bottom and grease sides.
Beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
Add in eggs, one by one. Beating well each addition.
Mix in condensed milk.
Sift flour and Horlicks together.
Place the lined & greased pan in the oven.
Fold the sifted flour into the batter.
Spread a laddle of batter evenly onto the hot pan.
Tilt pan left and right to level batter. Baked this layer using top & bottom fire, for about 7-10 minutes, till golden brown.
Remove from oven and press cake layer to remove excess air.
Turn the oven to grill mode 200 C.
Spread another laddle of batter over the cooked layer, grill for about 7-10 minutes.
Repeat the process until all batter is used up.
For the last layer baked at 175C for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
Cool completely before cutting and serve.

** Pan needs to be heated up at step 2 for even distribution of batter. You can either heat up in the preheating oven or over a pot of hot water.

** If you're using convention microwave oven, head over to Wendy's blog.

 The first layer cake, bottom part got burnt and drier, so I cut it away.

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest , Sarawak Month hosted by Sharon of Feats of Feasts.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Kek 'Lumut' Sarawak / Sarawak 'Algae' Cake

This cake is still oily, even though I cut down the butter.
But, I still love this cake, love the aroma of this cake, it has the nestum and green tea fragrant.

Recipe from adapted from HomeKreation .

Ingredients :
5 eggs
1 cup caster sugar ...(I used 3/4 cup)
8 oz butter...( I used 190 gm)
1/2 cup sugee flour
1 cup nestum.
1/2 cup ideal milk
1/2 cup tea ( 2 tsp green tea powder +water)
21/2 tsp pandan paste

Prepare a 9 inch tin. I lined it with aluminium floil.
Beat egg until fluffy.
Add in sugar gradually while beating.
In another bowl, beat butter until fluffy & add into the egg batter.
Add in sugee flour & nestum, mix well.
Lastly add in milk, tea & pandan paste.
Steam for 2 hours until cooked.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest hosted by Sharon of Feats of Feasts


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Round up for Melaka Food Fest ( Melaka Month) August 2012

So, August has come to the end , and it's time for the Malaysian Food Fest ( Melaka Month) round up.
A BIG thank you to all for supporting  Malaysian Food Fest event. As for Melaka Month ,I received a total of 48 entries, and they looked amazing and delicious too!!! !Hmmmm....looks like we've turned them into Babas & Nyonyas in this August....kekeke
And also a BIG thank you to Wendy , who gave me the opportunity to host this event. She also taught me and guide me me a lot. Thanks Wendy!!! I really learned a lot.

So here's all the entries :

Curry Kapitan  from Vivian pang of  Vivian Pang Kitchen  .

Pork Pongteh from Hody Loh of  cook4you & me   .

Ayam Cincaluk( Chicken with Preserved Shrimps from Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover .


Acar Fish from lena of frozen wings .

Devil Curry (Debal) from Phong Hong of Phong Hong Bakes.

Pang Susie from Jeannie Tay of Baking Diary

Ayam Pongteh from Angeline of Angeline's Side of Story.

Ayam Tempra from Lena of frozen wings.

Chicken Pongteh from Yee Ling of Ling In De House.

Ayam Buah Keras/ Candle Nut Chicken from Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets.

Otak Otak With Fish and Scallop from Quay Po of  Quay Po Cooks.
This is a modernized and luxurious version. Scallop is not a usual ingredient in traditional Nyonya otak otak.

Telur Dal Cincaluk from Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

Nyonya Radish Cake from Peng of pengskitchen.

Ikan Gerang Assam / nyonya Tamarind Fish from Annie of Annielicious Food.

Babi Pongteh / Nyonya Braised Pork from Annie of Annielicious Food.

Kuih koci Pulut Hitam from Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets .

Sambal Belimbing Prawns from Joyce of Kitchen Flavours

Sambal Belimbing Prawns from BeeBee of HoneyBeeSweets .

Agar Agar Gula Melaka from Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets.

Curry Laksa (Laksa Lemak) from Hody Loh of cook4you&me.

Pongteh from Phong Hong of Phong Hong Bakes.

Stir fried Pork With Cincaluk from Lena of frozen wings.

-->Assam Prawns from Mich of Piece of Cake .

Assam Chicken from Joycelyn of

Ikan Goreng Assam from Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

Ayam Sioh / Chicken in Coriander & Tamarin Sauce from Mel Lee of Through The Kitchen Door.

Ciak Bek/Stir Fried Pork with Perserved Bean Paste from Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets.

Gerang Assam from Shannon Lim of Jut As Delish.

pang Susi from Wendy of Table for 2 .... or More.

Durian Cendol from Wendy of  Table for 2 ....or More.

Roti John from Wendy of  Table for 2 ....or More.

Ikan Gerang Asam from Wendy of Table for 2 ......or More.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls from Alice of I Love. I Cook. I Bake.

Sambal Prawns Belimbing from Alice of I Love. I Cook. I Bake.

Pengat Pisang from Alice of  I Love. I Cook. I Bake.

Ikan Gerang Asam from BeeBee of HoneyBeeSweets.

Itek Tim from Alan  of Travellingfoodies.

Nyonya Apom Balik Durian from Alan  of Travellingfoodies.

Nyonya Chap Chye from Alan of Travellingfoodies.

Ayam Buah Keluak from Alan of Travellingfoodies.

Kerabu Belimbing Timun Nanas from Alan of Travellingfoodies.

 Nyonya Devil Curry from mui mui of my little favourite diy

Pandan Angku from mui mui of my little favourite diy.

Kerabu Lady Finger from mui mui of my little favourite diy.

Cincalok from Cindy of yummylittlecooks.

Chicken Tempra from Cindy of yummylittlecooks

Dodol from Cindy of yummylittlecooks.

Ikan Sepat Masak Lemak Nenas( Salted Perch Fish And Pineapple in Coconut Milk) from Cindy of yummylittlecooks

Ok, now for September ,do hop over to Sharon's blog Feats of Feasts  , she is hosting for Malaysian Food Fest (Sarawak State) event.